A big thankyou goes out to all the individuals who have supplied images & information in building this site.
Historians – Ken Devine & Terry Walker, Photogaphers – Gille, Boots & Blue, plus a host of others Thankyou from W.A.R.M.

There have been a number of companies that have provided support and assistance to the restoration and maintenance of the cars in the collection. Some of these companies are:

Densford Civil – Martin Bullock
IT West – Kevin Taylor
Aeroplate – Anthony Lees
Swarbrick Yachts- Glenn Swarbrick
Go Gear – Dick Ward
Illig Engineering – John Illig
FastLane Racing – Bret Lupton
Aerofusion – Jamie Kerkhoff
Perth Brake Parts – Steve Baxter

In addition, The Museum has relied on a number of keen supporters and some of these are:

the late Bob Betts –
Ken Reed
Colin McKee
Neil Woodward
Ray Forsythe
Ross Love
Stanton Kennedy-Smith

This section will be reved up in the near future


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