In 2001, Neil McCrudden registered his collection of historic racing cars as the West Australian Racing Museum (W.A.R.M.).
The aim of the museum being not only to preserve the folk-lore and history of these particular cars which have made significant achievements in W.A. motor sport but also to encourage and foster the ongoing camaraderie which has always surrounded this racing and to take this spirit of adventure into the future.

Neil’s view is that historic racing vehicles should not be locked away as static displays but used and enjoyed for the purpose for which they were created. The purpose of W.A.R.M. is to find the old West Australian built specials or those which raced in W.A. before they were scrapped or sold out of the state. Neil believes that our own local history is often not valued or ignored until it is too late, therefore the museum’s role is to either acquire these local cars or assist their owners bringing them back to life.

The museum is supported by a large group of volunteers. This allows the racing enthusiastic, who would normally not be able to afford this passion, to participate as either drivers or as crew.

In 2008 Neil acquired a parcel of land to live at and construct a multi purpose museum complex. The functions includes a museum, educational & training facilities, spare parts area, examination center and a fully equiped workshop.

It’s interesting to note that “Historic Motor Racing” has been the fastest growing sport of it’s type in the world.

To date Neil’s collection has grown to a considerable number of cars which most are continually being raced by various drivers, other cars are currently being restored to their former glory or are awaiting their turn for the restoration process to begin.

It is believed that Neil has the largest collection of historic racing cars which actually race in the Southern Hemisphere.

In 2015 Matthew Hort produced three episodes on the Museum and are available on YouTube. The first two episodes are shown below: This will give an insight into how the Museum operates and the scope and work required to bring many of the old racing cars back to life.

The Museum is located in Harper Road, Banjup and Neil can be contacted on (+61) 0894173080 or (+61) 0407867473. As the museum and workshop are in constant use and the Local Government zoning precludes the public from visiting, the museum holds one or two open days per year. Car clubs and enthusiasts are invited to come along and see the vehicles and the projects under restoration. the next open day will be on the 10th of October 2021 from 10am to 4pm.

Read on and browse this site and you will find out some interesting history, facts and articles on all of Neil’s cars plus make sure you check out Formula Classic . This is W.A.’s association and source for futher information on historic open wheel racing cars.



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